Spaide Ripper Added to Raising the Bar Tour as Guest Performer


Ahdasee Records’ recording artist Stevie Stone is going the extra mile to make sure his approaching Raising the Bar tour is electrifying by adding an extra guest appearance to the nationwide run. Spaide Ripper will be joining this tour to perform his own 20-minute set as a special guest inside of Stevie Stones’ performance! They also will be performing all of the collaborations! This tour kicks off April 1st in Phoenix, Arizona and ends on May 6th in San Francisco, California (all dates listed above). With names like Locksmith, JL B-Hood, and Statik G, this tour is set to make rave reviews! We can also confirm for you that Spaide will have new merch for sale on this tour in the form of new music and gear! Head over to to get your tickets now!

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