Spaide Ripper “When We Were Young” Scheduled For Release


Spaide has been on a streak of fire this year as he continues to release music that challenges all expectations . As I listen to the snippet provided by the pre save link that I found HERE , I have come to realize that we truly can not foreshadow what kind of sound Spaide has in store for us next. To pre save this song and to hear a snippet click the link below:

So you’re already back with another song?

Absolutely. I told you it was all gas no brakes this year! I meant that!

As a fan, it’s nice to have more music from you more often.

We’re just getting started! The best is yet to come trust me.

How was your new single “When We Were Young” created?

I just let the music talk to me when I created that one. I crafted the chorus first because that was what stuck out to me. I know its a different pocket from me, but I take pride in being very versatile as an artist.

Is that you singing on the chorus of the song?

Yes it is! I pulled it off! HAHA! I was thinking of having someone else record it. I thought that I would just be the reference, but I got comfortable enough with myself to do it. It sounded better with me on it that I thought it would!

Was this song a challenge for you?

It was! I was challenged to talk about a subject that I had never covered before on a song. I like these type of challenges because it gives me a chance to rise to the occasion.

Who did the production?

Jelly Joe! My real fans will remember his name from the SIIS project. He did a lot of production on that! He also was on mad songs. It was nice to link with him and work on music again. We got more coming!

Can we expect a video to this song?

Now this is very is possible! I will definitely look into that. I have to find the right director! A song like this deserves a strong visual. I can’t come short on a song like this. I want to make a movie out of it! I’m a big dreamer.

Do you have merch available to support this song?

Spaide "When We Were Young"  T Shirt Heavy Metal T-Shirt Front

Yes! Like Always! I need people to support the merch store. To purchase new merch to support this song click HERE!

When is the official release date?

April 10th is the day! I need you guys to support this very badly. More music is on the way. I’m not stopping!

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