Spaide Ripper & Don Trip “No Chill” Scheduled To Release Soon


Spaide looks like he has no plans of slowing down this year, with the announcement of yet ANOTHER fire collaboration for our listening pleasure! We are happy to let you know that we finally get to hear what Spaide and Don Trip cooked up when they linked up. Spaide has been telling us about this song for a while and the excitement that he has when he talks about it makes us want to hear it even more! To pre save the song click HERE

You got another song for us dropping this month?

Yes! And the first thing I want you tell tell them is I said I’m not playing with these bitches! I’m coming with pressure! Who ever don’t respect it, I’m gone make ’em! Just like that! Tell ’em just like that.

What can you tell us about this record?

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while! I feel like it’s just perfect timing to drop this one. M-16 did the beat. He’s been around the industry for a while now. For example, he made the beat to “Duffle Bag Boy” for 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne back in the day. So he’s been supplying heat for a minute!

Who is Buddie Love?

He’s on the hook of the song! He’s a talented young guy from my city. I try to reach out to the younger generations and put them on stuff that they otherwise wouldn’t be on. He comes from a group call “Da Younginz” that made a lot of noise in the city in the recent years. I got a couple more joints in the vault with Buddie on the chorus too. He could blow up at any moment.

What was it like working with Don Trip?

It was smooth! real nice and easy. He was a nice guy for sure. He was about his business. Came to do his job and that’s exactly what he did. We got us a nice one!

When you say “No Chill”, what does that mean to you?

No relaxing, no slacking, no calming down. Staying ready and staying on it and with it! The song explains it very well. Just listen to the intro!

What is the official release date?

February 28th. The way this game goes, it’ll be uploaded on the 27th around 9pm central if I had to guess. I see the way they move and its always just a little early. The best way to know when it’s been released is to pre save the song! Click the link to pre save!

I know there has to be some merch for this song, right?


Absolutely! Check out the merch store and support the clothing! I’m always going to update the merch store first! Click the link to buy merch!

Spaide Merch (

Last words to your fans?

I’m not stopping! All I need is your support!

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