Spaide Ripper Set To Release “Ya Da Die” w/ Keak Da Sneak

"Ya Da Die" Coming Soon!
“Ya Da Die” Coming Soon!

Spaide Ripper linked up with Bay Area legend Keak Da Sneak to record a new song to be released by Spaide for a new project. We ran a story when Spaide and Keak united in the studio to record. Now we are happy to let you know this song will be available on all platforms February 7th! To hear a preview of the song, or to pre-save this new music click HERE. We gave Spaide another call to see what details we could get about the release…

We see you are already back with another record ready for release!

Yeah, bro. I told you I’m not playing this year! I got another one on deck set to launch!

What can you tell us about this one?

This the one I got Keak Da Sneak on. Some real slap. Some authentic Bay Area slap. A joint called “Ya Da Die” that’s inspired by the Bay.

Where did the name “Ya Da Die” come from?

It’s pretty much a variation of “Yadadamean” that Bay people say. Keak Da Sneak was the one who brought “Yadadamean” to the world as a slang term. Keak had a single called “Super Hyphy” that took that slang all over the world. Yukmouth is from the Bay and he says it all the time too. Tech N9ne use to be affiliated with Yuk ; they had a group called “The Regime” back in the day. I assume he picked it up from him, but I know Tech use to live in California, so he could’ve gotten it from anywhere. We got it from hanging with Tech N9ne. At some point I just started shortening it. I don’t know why I started leaving the “mean” off the end. At any rate, it all branches off of Keak Da Sneak. I felt it was only fitting to reach out to him to be a part of this record. I didn’t want to be one of those rappers with a fake Bay Area sounding song.

Why not put Tech N9ne on the song?

I don’t know. I sent him the record. He listened to it and hit me back and said he liked it. That’s as far as it went. Maybe he was being nice when he said he liked it. Honestly, the song has a very “street” feel to it. We’re talking about real shit on this song. I’m sure Tech could’ve killed it if he wanted to, just probably wasn’t his cup of tea. I had already went to the source. I already had Keaks’ blessing, and that’s what separates me from the vultures of their sound.

What do you mean “fake Bay Area sounding” song?

Let me just say my song is official. I went and got the blessing from Keak to be making money off this slang that he originated.

Who produced this one?

This is another one of those Chase The Money beats. His production is phenomenal. I’m happy I got the chance to work with him. Everything I got from him is official.

What was it like working with Keak Da Sneak?

It was all good. I got at him myself and we linked up ourselves like real men do. It was nothing industry about it. We chopped it up on the phone before I flew to Oakland. I flew out there by myself. Got off the plane and hopped straight in a cab to The Grille recording studio. I like the vibe there. I got to feel the pulse of Oakland first hand. We recorded it before Keak got shot, so he was still on his feet. When he walked in, he looked around the room, and then looked back at me and said,” Where the fuck is your people at?” I looked at him and said, “I came by myself.” He looked surprised and said,” What? Oh, I know you crazy! You came to Oakland to meet Keak Da Sneak by yourself!” I said, “You’re right!” We shook hands, embraced and laughed about it. I’m glad I came alone because it made him have a true respect for me.

Did he have his verse ready?

No, he didn’t actually. He listened to the song a couple of times and put it together. He definitely is a fast worker. He followed my lead. That’s why the song meshed us together so perfectly. He made sure it matched up perfectly. I appreciate him for that. He was quick in the booth. It probably took him 15 minutes, max.

When can we expect this song to be released?

I’m gonna drop this one on February 7th. I’m not waiting this year. I got so much stocked up for people to hear it’s crazy! I got something else ready to drop right after that! I need to get this stuff out to the world.

Do you have merch available to support this song?

"Ya Da Die" Sweatshirt

I do! I have a list of items on deck and ready to be purchased. I need people to support that! If you ever want to donate to me, please support the merch! If you want some exclusive merch, click HERE!

Can we expect a music video?

I don’t know about that with all the Covid-19 stuff going on. I talked to Keak about it before he got shot. I will reach out to him and see what we can do. Anything is possible is all I can say. If people support and donate enough it could happen.

Any last words for your fans?

Here’s another new song for you guys but it doesn’t stop here! I need you guys to support me! Spaide and Keak with a banger for you guys! I hope you can see I go out of my way to acquire quality music for you to enjoy! Please take the time to stream this song or purchase it! Every effort helps! I’m not backed by any cooperations, I am truly independent. So I say once again, I need your support!

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