Spaide Ripper Talks The Making of “Mirrors” featuring Starlito

Spaide recently announced the release of a new single called “Mirrors” featuring southern underground icon Starlito to be released to the world January 8th on all media platforms. We ran a story when Spaide and Starlito connected to record the song to make sure his fans knew about it. What we didn’t know is what it would sound like and what direction or genre this song could possibly fall into, being that Spaide is very versatile as an artist. Judging from the snippet that has been released with the preorder link, this song is an absolute banger! You already know we had to catch up to Spaide and see what we could find out about the song…


Thanks for taking time out for us to do this interview

No, thank YOU! Everything moves so fast, sometimes I forget to be social.

You made a big announcement recently about the release of a new song?

Yes, I did. I let the cat out of the bag!

What made you choose to work with Starlito?

Starlito is a legend. Like, he’s an underground hero. He’s a poster child for being an independent boss. He’s like a Tech N9ne, but on some G shit. I want to work with all the independent bosses. He has some songs that I can jam to. I want my named to be mentioned amongst the undergrounds’ finest in all genres of hip hop.

What was it like doing business with him?

Good business! All fare and square no hang ups of any type. My people contacted his people and made sure it went very smoothly. I appreciated how professional they were. I got my verse back fairly quickly. He even posted about the song on social media when he recorded it. I would definitely work with him again.

Were you impressed by his verse?

Definitely. I like the twist he put on his verse. He listened to what I did and applied his own logic to it. I liked that he picked up on that and cued in.

What can you tell us about your verse?

My verse is grimy. My verse is harsh. But it was fun for me! Some stuff I touch on hits close to home.

Do you want to elaborate?

No. I leave that kind of stuff up to the imagination.

How would you describe the sound of the song?

It’s eerie. Very much, but still trapped out. Still very bass heavy. The rumble is necessary! It’s something spooky about the beat. The chords in the background make it feel a way.

Who did the production?

Chase The Money did the beat. That’s why it hits so hard! Chase The Money is one of the hottest youngsters St. Louis has to offer. He’s super successful. I was lucky to get with him right before he blew up. His sound is so crisp.

How did Starlito react when he heard the song for the first time?

When I sent the song his manager called me and asked me, “Who are you, again?” I told him, “Spaide Ripper! The Peoples’ Champ of St. Louis!” He told me it was the hottest collaboration they’ve gotten in a while, and he would make sure Starlito got to it right away.

Where did the artwork idea come from?

Just an idea I had. I was kind of inspired by movie artwork posters. Shout out to my boy NLM Graphics. He took the idea I gave him and turned it into a masterpiece. Definitely going to keep working with him.

Any message for your fans?

Yes! I need you guys to support. I need your support more than ever. This year I’m dropping continuously. I have enough to release at least 2 songs a month, minimum. This will only work if you guys truly support the music. Don’t just say you support it. I really need your help. The song costs like a dollar. Consider it a donation if nothing else. Without your support I can not make it. Thank you.

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