New Spaide Ripper & Stevie Stone Collaborations Are On The Way!


Avid followers of Spaide Ripper on social media may have noticed a few days ago Spaide posted a simple message to his Instagram account that simply read: ” Spaide Ripper & Stevie Stone Full Project is HAPPENNING! Coming 2021.” True fans of Spaide and the true core of Stevie Stone’s fan base all have grown a fondness to the sound of these two guys on one song together. We had to see what details we could squeeze out of Spaide about the project..

Are you working on new music with Stevie Stone?

Yes, I am! All the time! I got music in the vault that is really gonna shake things up out here!

What can you tell us about the new music with Stevie Stone?

I got plenty of it! I been on a mission to refine these records. I think people should know by now what we’re capable of. I got stuff you can’t imagine. No words to explain how lit its going to be. A fresh new batch of hot collaborations from us. It’s going to be interesting to see how we mix it up.

When can we expect to hear some of this music?

Soon, bro. Like super soon. I plan to put some new slappers out soon as this holiday season is over, it’s up there.

Can we expect a full project?

Yes! I’m still refining it. People don’t know how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to recording. I have to make sure every little detail is perfect. Stone is the same. Plus, this is music I have compiled, so I have to make sure everything flows together. The whole joint won’t drop all at once. I’m gonna sit back and play the singles game with this one too.

Is this project coming out on Strange Music?

No, it’s not. This project is actually my little baby. Don’t get me wrong, Stone is absolutely helping me put it together. This is going to be grass roots and organic. We are going to see how much reach we can get ourselves. The good part about it is the prophet share will be much larger without a machine behind the project.

When did you decide to do a project together?

Well, people have been asking for years when are we going to do it. Literally for years. One thing is for sure, if it was up to me, we would’ve done it a long time ago. I never was the hold up. The opportunity to fill this void presented itself, so here we are!

Who is doing production on this project?

Guys like Demolish, Hostile, Wyshmaster, etc. We’ll have to see who ends up on the final version. We got lots of producers on deck. I got some hot beats from Swaggerknaught. Too many to name.

Any guest appearances?

Actually there are some, but I’m not sure at the moment what exactly will end up on the final version. It won’t be a lot of guest appearances though. I have to make sure the people get an earful of me! haha

What is the name of the project?

I don’t have a name for it yet. Maybe we should ask the fans what to name it? It may be interesting to see what they come up with!

Have you picked a first single for the project?

I got something for the smokers I’ve been waiting to drop. I’m thinking of going with that one first. Spaide and Stone on some stoner shit on a song. I just know that people are going to love it. There are a lot of weed smokers that follow Stone because of the “stoner” asthetic .

So, it’s safe to say we will hear some new Spaide and Stone in 2021?

It’s very safe to say that! Safer than it’s ever been!

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