Spaide Ripper Talks New Music; is “Z4” Coming?


Close followers of Spaide Ripper on social media have notcied that Spaide is often recording new material and teasing us with snippets of songs we have never heard before. The big question is: what are all these songs being recorded for? When will they be released? Is this all leading up to the long awaited “Z4” that we’ve been hearing about?

Spaide, what can you tell us about the new music you’ve been recording?

That there’s a lot of it! I got all types of music on the way man. I’m about to shock all of my doubters in a major way!

Are the songs you tease on social media coming out soon?

Absolutely! I have a lot in my archive to release.

What’s been the hold up with you releasing new music?

I just been playing my position, playing my hand, if you know what I mean. Getting things structured on the business side so I can prosper. Loading up an arsenal of quality music to release over an extended period of time. Securing myself for the right moment.

Does “Zombiie 4” really exist?

Yes it does! Absolutely! It has existed for a while now actually. It’s already in the system awaiting to be released. I didn’t feel like it was time to release it yet. The game is funny man. The climate was weird around “Z3” bro. I smoked everybody with that project bro! “Z3” was slept on bro. Like, way too much. Still to this day.

Do you have any plans to release it?

Yes! Its literally in a time capsule. Literally. It’s coming out in the future. The fun is in figuring out the release date. “Z5” may come out first, who knows? Just stay tuned for the roll out. It will make perfect sense.

Do you have any other projects coming out?

Yes I do! I got a project with Stevie Stone coming. I also have 2 other projects coming that are not a part of the “Zombiie” series. I have other brands and strategies to put into play. I am very ambidextrous as an artist. I plan to show off my flexibility as a writer. I never ever consider myself to be a part of any specific genre of rap. I exist in all lanes. That’s what makes me special.

Can you name some of the artists you’ve worked with on new music?

Yeah, I’m about to drop a record with Starlito called “Mirrors” real soon. Look out for that one. Chase The Money made the beat. It’s crazy man. No one sees this one coming! I also got one with Keak Da Sneak ready for launch. When they come out, you gonna understand why I been waiting to drop. This is real quality stuff. Worth the wait!

Can we expect a full length project?

Not all at once! I’m going to be releasing singles first. Attention span is far too low. Singles are gonna start dropping back to back, but they will be on 2 different collections that release.

What can you tell us about the production of your new music?

I got beats from M-16, Chase The Money, Yun Jinx, Demolish, and Hostile. The list goes on. Lots of quality beats. I went out of my way to make sure I got some real slap this time around. Don’t worry, you’ll hear it soon!

What is the name of your project with Stevie Stone?

I don’t have a name for it yet. Maybe we should ask the fans what to name it? It may be interesting to see what they come up with!

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