Spaide Ripper Describes Working With Stevie Stone

Stevie Stone & Spaide Ripper
Stevie Stone & Spaide Ripper

Spaide Ripper and Stevie Stone have collaborated many times in the past, and has maintained a friendship for well over a decade. Spaide was even featured on Stevie’s’ first project “New Kid Comin” on a joint called “Run Tun.” This year they released 4 collaborations together on Stevie’s project “Black Lion” which featured “Conquer”, a song that has proven itself to be a stand out. We asked Spaide about Stevie and this is how the conversation went.

What was it like collaborating with Stevie Stone again?

It was great man. Another day at the office. This is just what we do!

What is the process like?

Like I said bro, he sends me the beats and I cook up and send them back. We’ve been working for years so at this point I kind of got an idea of what he likes. There’s a certain plane that we meet on musically when we collaborate. Certain things I would say on a song by myself that I probably wouldn’t say on a song with bro. I know where to take it when we work together.

What can you tell us about your writing process?

I’m strategic and calculated man. Like, I could do anything style wise so I have to figure out what are we recording this song for exactly. That’s the only way to explain it. Once I know that , then I give you Spaide at his best in that particular scenario.

What is the atmosphere like when you’re in the studio with Stevie Stone?

Always good vibes. Bro is about business in there and I’m the same way. I don’t have the luxury of taking my time, so I’ve always been rather fast in the studio because time is money. We kind of have our heads down in the work. Don’t get me wrong, its fun; luckily we like what we do.

What is your favorite collaboration with Stevie Stone?

I really like No Permission” a lot. I knew it was edgy for Stone. Strange Music fans are use to a certain pocket. They like familiarity in the sound. I’m a rule breaker man. Ended up being a single just off sheer energy. The beat is so hard that its hard to fight for long. The video is dope too!

What is your favorite Stevie Stone solo song?

If I can only pick one, I have to go with “Momentum”. It just was lit back then. Man, when this came out it was lit at Strange. It just reminds me of a certain time at Strange Music. Songs can take you back in time.

Is there a Stevie Stone song that you would’ve liked to be on?

Man I would’ve killed “Flip Mode” with Tech N9ne on it! Man I should’ve had the third verse after Tech! I would’ve killed that song for real.

What is it like doing a show with Stevie Stone?

Its crazy bro. I always have a good time doing it. He has such an energetic stage presence, its always lit by time I make it to the stage. When I get added to the set then it’s like an atomic bomb goes off! The fans are the best. Strange Music has the most loyal fans.

How would you describe Stevie Stone as a person?

He is a great friend. Super cool. He is hilarious. We stay laughing . Frizz is too. Stone has morals. He was raised right. He has standards.

Can you tell us something about Stevie Stone that would surprise us?

He can play musical instruments. Like for real play a drum set type shit.

Who do you think Stevie Stone sounds good with besides you?

I know the same way we have a chamber, he has a chamber with Krizz Kaliko. When they link they have a certain vibe. Can’t really describe it but it feels a certain way. Strange should’ve put out a project on them together too.

Do you have more music with Stevie Stone coming out?

Yes! I got a plenty of songs with Stone ready to go. I got enough songs for an unofficial project for sure. I’m just refining and setting things up for the right moment. When we start releasing music, we not going to stop. This a hit factory over here!

So we will be geting that ever elusive Stevie Stone and Spaide Ripper project?

Yes! absolutely its pretty much done but we getting the politics right before we make a move. It’s defintely coming. More than one!

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