Slept On: Smoke Dog feat. Spaide Ripper & Young Noble of The Outlawz – “Root of All Evil” (Official Audio)

First off congrats to Smoke Dog on his recent release from incarceration! We see he is back active on social media and Spaide has posted that they have reunited! You may be familiar with Smoke Dog if you follow Spaide closely and got a copy of “SIIS: Connected”, a compilation that Smoke spear headed that featured “Ridin On 4’s”, a collaboration that paired Spaide with underground legends 8ball & MJG.

This song was recorded before Smoke went to prison and was the last song they released together. This song didn’t receive much promotion due to the situation that Smoke Dog found himself in. This soundscape was assisted by a veteran and architect of the Soulful yet driven home pure sound that this song acquires, Young Noble, a famed member of 2pacs’ hand picked group The Outlawz whose name shall forever reign in hip hop infamy.

Spaide does as normal and creates an energetic moment , even within the seriousness of the song, proving himself to be even more versatile. Check out the song here!

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