FINALLY we caught back up to Spaide to get a run-down on things hes been up to in the past few months for those who do not have the luxury of following Spaide on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Check it out:

SPAIDE: “Yeah my bad for not catching up to you guts for an update in a while. I’ve been working trying to get to that next level! We’re still pushing over here! ”


“Back in July I performed at GOTJ and I’m happy to tell you guys that I had more people show up to see than last time i performed. I was very pleased with the turn out! It feels good to see people sing along in the crowd.  I did my first interview on Psychopathic Radio! I got interviewed by Freddy Grimes (pictured above) and the Wolfpack. It was my first time so I had to take a shot of HOT TABASCO before i started the interview and i regretted it! It was the hottest thing I literally ever tasted. I thought I was going to die! Much love to those guys man. It was all in fun. I love the Juggalos. Im home with them. I camped out with the people all 4 days. Had the time of my life.”



“Also I linked up with the homeboy Uno Joven for a collab on his album. We did a cool video for it in downtown St Louis. You can see a lot of the Graffiti on the flood walls by the river. Make sure you guys check that video out! ”




” Also I linked up with Don Trip from Memphis. If you don’t know who he is, make sure you check him out. He is an underground legend as well as one of the best lyricists from the south! We got a banger coming! Real hot record. Something good enough to be on the radio.” (Don Trip pictured above)




“Also linked back up with Stevie Stone so we could tour through Colorado again! It was a great time. Always good to be in Colorado. Some of my favorite fans are from Colorado!”



“Also I was lucky enough to open for the big homie Tech N9ne  again when he came back to St Louis.Always a pleasure to share the stage with him! Everyone still asks me when am I going to sign with Strange Music. We will see.”

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