Spaide Ripper & Bay Area Legend Keak Da Sneak Join Forces for new Song

image        Good news! We don’t know how we let this one get past our radar, but apparently Spaide Ripper went to Oakland Ca to record a new song with Keak Da Sneak at “The Grille” recording studio located in Emeryville Ca. If you check back a few weeks on Spaide Rippers’ official Instagram(@spaideripper) you can see a couple of cool pictures from the studio session & even a short video clip of Keak Da Sneak in the booth recording his part of the song. I gave Spaide a call to see what I could find out about the song and this new song:


” Yeah I went to the Bay to get up with Keak! I got this song that he just had to get on to make it official. You know I roll with Stange family so we always be saying “Yadadamean” we picked that shit up from Tech, we all just be clowning with it. But the Originator of the word is really Keak Da Sneak when u do your history on it, also he is the Originator of “Hyphy” so this song wouldn’t be official without Keak on it. It sounds like that Bay Area hip hop, sounds like Mustard on the beat or some shit like that. It’s gonna be on my new mixtape about to drop soon for free download…stay on the lookout for that, it’s coming soon!”


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