Spaide Ripper and Starlito record Collaboration


Spaide Ripper and Starlito united  talents for a collaboration that is sure to send shockwaves through the underground hip hop scene!

Took a break to kill a feature.. HOLLA @ Dez (@mta4bookings) to do biz.. 💰 #GrindHard

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Spaide Ripper dropped a couple of snippets on Instragram a few days ago to some new music and we are happy to confirm that Spaide has a new song with Tennessee h staple Starlito soon to be released! We asked Spaide how this epic collaboration came to fruition:

Fuck up out my way while I sauce walk #work #newshit

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SPAIDE: “Shout out to the homeboy Kyle he connected the ultimate dots for us. I got this banger and I knew he would kill it. When we sent the song over his manager immediately called me and told me it was the hottest collaboration they’ve gotten in a while. I was proud of that! Next thing I know I call to get an update and they told me he was already recording the verse because he liked the song so much! Starlito posted a snippet of his verse on Instagram because he was feeling it! I’m glad we could record some quality music. You know we have to do a video!”

Follow @starlitogrindhard and @spaideripper on Instagram to listen to the snippets of their collaboration!


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