“Z3” Listed among Top Selling Albums in Gangsta / Horrorcore Categories by Distributor

Spaide released his new project a week ago on October 31st and we are proud to announce that the distributing site CDBaby has already listed the new release as a top selling album in both Gangsta Rap and Horrorcore categories of hip hop! We asked Spaide to comment :

“For those of you who downloaded the album already from CDBaby, thank you so much! I can’t live without you guys this is my livelihood. Thanks to everyone picking up copies at the shows as well! I love all you guys!  I still need your help, this by no means is a chart topping album in a billboard magazine since but definitely a small victory for an independent artist like myself. The album recently became available on Amazon and I am still working on iTunes, but it’s coming for sure. Thank you for your continued support things only can get bigger from here!” CLICK HERE TO GET Z3 NOW!



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