“Zombiie 3” Album by Spaide Ripper available for Pre Order NOW!

Zombiie 3 in stores Halloween  2015!!!

Zombiie 3 in stores Halloween 2015!!!

It is finally time for all the fans of Spaide Ripper to order Spaides’ long awaited new project Zombiie 3! You can help Spaide achieve his small goal of 100 copies sold on first day of release by ordering the project now! You will receive a download of 2 songs from the album, as well as rare promotional items that will only be issued to the fans who buy the album in advance! You will receive the remainder of the album 10/31/15

     This album is Spaides’ best work to date, with features from Aqualeo, Marcus Yates, Stevie Stone, and the list continues on with numerous high profile underground acts. We asked Spaide for a comment, he sounded excited. “This is it y’all! I wanna thank all the fans that have rode it out with me and waited on this album! I’m really proud of this one! I know y’all gonna love it! I know this is the best album I’ve ever done! I need you guys to hear it. The Zombiie wave can only get stronger from here! I love you guys for listening to me and understanding! I wanna say thank you to every artist who got on this album with me, I love and support all of you guys, and thank you for helping me archive my dream! I gotta say rest in peace to Chris Black, he sang the chorus on “Put it Down on U” featuring Mayday, he killed that song. I wish you could hear how great that song turned out. Please guys help me get my music out into the world by purchasing my album now! Love you and thanks!”



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