Spaide Ripper Releases Official Track List for New Album “Zombiie 3”

 image     There has been an early sighting of copies of Spaide Rippers’ new project “Zombiie 3” on twitter, and we had to find out where they came from. We contacted Spaide and he told us, “These advance copies won’t be around forever. They have the alternate cover, the one I call the “Z3″ cover. If you have a Z3 cover copy then you know it’s very rare! I printed them up just for them to be especially from ME. they do not come with a track list because it is not an official store copy, but more of an collectors item or memento from me to my fans.” So here’s the track list:

  1. Voices
  2. Angels Playing Harps ft Aqualeo
  3. Lose it ft Cognito, Nesto the Owner
  4. Accelerator ft Stevie Stone, Frizz
  5. Smoke & Mirrors
  6. Out yo Demension
  7. Take Flight at Night
  8. Put it Down on U ft !Mayday!
  9. Sippin ft Yung La
  10. Somebody Bout to Get it ft Marcus Yates, Liquid Assassin, Flawless
  11. Crucifix ft C-mob, Trizz

“Zombiie 3” will be available for purchase here at on October 31 of 2015.


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