Aqualeo and Spaide Ripper Film a New Music Video

Aqualeo & Spaide RIpper

Aqualeo & Spaide Ripper

Spaide continues to surprise us with the moves he makes, this time bringing Aqualeo to St Louis Missouri to film a video for “Angels Playing Harps” , a collaboration between them that will be featured on “Zombiie 3”, Spaides’ new project due to be released Oct 31 of this year. This sounds like a huge collaboration so we definitely had to get the scoop from Spaide himself. He was in a great mood when we spoke with him.

“This collaboration is a monster! One of my favorite songs on the new album for sure. I knew when I sent them the record that it would be special. I got a live violinist and a live harpist to play on the song so it would sound epic! It came out perfect. I had to get the violinist and harpist in the video as well. The video was directed by Freddy D’angelo. He is a great director. Aqualeo are great guys and elite artists. I appreciate the fact that they accept me as one also. I’m happy to say I’m friends with them. Acie High co directed the video because he’s gonna use it for another project in the future that I can’t give away the details on right now. Just know that this video is a part of a bigger picture.”

Follow @spaideripper on Instagam to see more pictures from the event.



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