Spaide Ripper Unveils New Artwork Today; Talks About Collab w/ Marcus Yates, Liquid Assassin, Flawless

Spaide took to his official bandpage on Facebook today to unleash a single cover for a great mash up of artists for his new album. He didn’t give us a whole lot of information, just a simple caption “I could drop this at any moment” hinting that the record is prepared for release. “Somebody Bout To Get It” will feature Spaide along side Marcus Yates, Liquid Assassin, and Flawless, all great lyricists in their own right. Anyone familiar with all of the artists know that this is bound to be a frenzy of great lyrics. I asked Spaide about the song, he said “Frizz produced the beat. It was great to get all those guys on one vibe man I couldn’t believe I pulled it off! This jam is special man. Everybody came with their best foot forward. Total bar fest! A lot of great lines. I don’t know when I’m gonna drop it. I’m about to release the video with Stevie Stone soon so I may wait…u never know! It will definitely be in my new album , Zombiie 3 so make sure you get that if you want to hear it!” Spaide Rippers’ new project drops Oct 31of this year. If you want Spaide to release this song now, contact him on Twitter @spaideripper and demand it!



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