Hip Hop Pioneer & Legend “The D.O.C.” Regains Voice; Shares some Hip Hop History with Spaide Ripper via Twitter


With the recent box office success of “Straight Outta Compton” the world has fell in love with gangster rap pioneers “N.W.A.” all over again. You can get a small glimpse into the uprise of the group in the box office smash. Dallas import “The D.O.C.” Was a very pivotal and prominent member of the group and proved himself to be so in June of 1989 when Ruthless records released his debut album “No One Can Do It Better” which turned out to be a certified classic album on any coast. The D.O.C. Lost his voice in a tragic car accident soon after, leaving the world wanting more from the advanced lyricist. He announced to the world via Twitter August 21 that his voice has returned to him! The legend seems very happy and hints on possible new music in the future. Follow @westcoastdoc on Twitter to get full details of the miraculous story.

The West coast legend also took time to reply black to Spaide Ripper via Twitter back in April of this year when Spaide asked him about the origins of the tongue twisting style that he used on a song called “Mind Blowin” on his debut album. The D.O.C. wasted no time schooling Spaide on the subject matter of the origins of tongue twister style rap. When I asked Spaide about “The D.O.C.”, He wasted no time giving him praise. “My Moms had that tape. Me and my brother use to rewind “Grand Finale” and try to rap along! He was probably teaching me how to rap even before I knew how to write a rap! Haha. For real.” Get a small glimpse into their exchange of Tweets here. Follow @Spaideripper on Twitter to see the full conversion between them.






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