Spaide Ripper scheduled to open for Geto Boys Reunion Tour as Local Support



Hip Hop pioneers Willie D, Bushwick Bill and Scarface, known as the Geto Boys, are reuniting once again for a month long tour. They plan to tour from June 7th to July 4 of this year, making a stop in St Louis at the Mad Magician (5625 Machester ave) on July 1st. As local support, Spaide Ripper will perform a 30 minute set right before the Geto Boys hit the stage. Spaide was featured on Geto Boys group member Scarfaces’ compilation album released in 2006 called “My Homies pt. 2” with a song called “Always” released on Rap A Lot Records, giving Spaide his first break into mainstream. The song began as a local hit and went on to be on billboard for 13 weeks. Spaide is definitely excited to reunite his brand with Scarface for an evening. Spaide also traveled with group member Bushwick Bill for a short time, as a student, learning what he could about the game. This will definitely be a night to remember. Tickets to the event are on sale now. Click this link to get tickets now!


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