Nesto The Owner features Kutt Calhoun, Spaide Ripper on “Looney Tune”

Spaide Ripper was featured on a monster collaboration with Kutt Calhoun & Nesto the Owner called “Looney Tune” on Nestos’ album “Earless” released on December 30th of 2014. He gives us some insight on his verse and how the collab came about.

Nesto, Kutty, Spaide

Nesto, Kutty, Spaide

Spaide: “Nesto is my homeboy. I’m a fan of his work, and we are all apart of the same musical family tree. I hit him up about getting on a record for my Zombiie 3, and he was happy to do it. When he hit me up about getting on this song, it was a no brainer! When he sent it to me, it only had his verse on it. I didn’t hear what Kutty did to it until it was finished. I just did me. I went off of how Nesto came. I tried to come out with similar patterns without running the EXACT same ones he used. Nesto was eating that shit. I did what I do, say some crazy shit. Haha. I had been waiting for the right song to use the “brain bumps” line. Everyone who likes this song always quotes that part to me. We did a video for this jam too. I can’t wait for it to come out man. We had fun that day! I’m definitely gonna be working with Nesto again in the future.”

Check out the song here! Follow @nestotheowner @thenewkuttycal @spaideripper on twitter to keep watch for the video. Hit these guys up and let them know what you think about the song. Nestos’ album “Earless” is available now on iTunes. Nesto will also be featured on Spaide Rippers’ new project “Zombiie 3”.


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