Spaide Reflects on Tour PT2 : What Happened in ABQ, NM???

Spaide Ripper in front of the Jam Spot in Abq NM

Spaide Ripper in front of the Jam Spot in Abq NM

We pick up right where Spaide left off for part 2 of our coverage of Spaides’ memories of his first tour run as a headliner. Spaide covers the topic of his show in Alburqurque New Mexico being shut down due to violence.

Spaide: “when I made it to Abq that was my first day off. I can’t lie, we was ready for a day of rest after all that driving we did through the Midwest on to Colorado, and after battling the mountains . We chilled and enjoyed the change of climate. I had never been there before, I was just appreciating the fact that my music reached that far. Some cool ass Juggalettes hooked me up with some Faygo. They showed us love while we were in town. The show was the next night at the Jam Spot. After that day of rest we were ready to tear it up. The show was PACKED. I was there at door opening and I signed autographs, made sure the table was set up correct, and went back to the hotel to get dressed. The homie Nick was the one who booked us and he’s also an artist. He performed a kick ass set , then the opener for the tour package was to be after him. I guess Nick got the energy going because a fuckin riot broke out. I was at the hotel and I got the call that shit was ugly. By time I got there, the front glass of the club was busted out and police were everywhere. I was disappointed because I signed so many autographs before I left, I knew everyone was waiting to see me for the first time. The owner of the venue, the Jam Spot was hella cool. So I will be back. I gotta go back. Shout out to Nick! I can’t complain though, that’s the only show that went bad on me, I’ll take that on the chin.

Fort Worth Tx was the shit. I loved the Rail Club we got booked by the Texas Hatchet Cartel, those guys are the coolest. They cooked for us and invited us into their homes. The turnout was great. One of my homies I grew up with back home came to check me out. I haven’t seen him in years so that was great. I saw people that were at my set when I performed at the Gathering. It was a perfect night. I’m definitely going back.

The state of Indiana was the shit man. I did three shows there. The last show in Kokomo ended up being the biggest turn out of the whole tour. Shouts to my boy Johnny. I did a video for a feature I recorded with a cool artist too. They hooked me up with so much Faygo and made sure I got home safe. I got love for Indiana.”

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