Spaide Shares some of His favorite Fan Pics PT 1.

Spaide Ripper has a fan base that’s very unique. The fans that love him, love him DEEPLY. There are a handful in every city he travels to, waiting to show their early devotion. Although Spaide is not nessasarily a new artist, when you are an underground artist, “everyday is somebody’s first day to hear about you”, as Spaide explains it. The ones that know him know him well. We asked him to go through his Instagram page with us and tell us the story behind some of these photographs.

Amandas' Tattoo

Amandas’ Tattoo

“Amanda is a cool ass fan from Kansas. She got hip to me through her best friend. Her best friend got at shirt from me at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Amanda saw the shirt and wanted one of her own. When I saw her post on Facebook that she wanted to get some new ink, I told her to get my logo and I will send her a shirt, and she was down with it. It came out so perfectly. I’m gonna send her some cool MERCH when I get my new items in.”

Jessica's nails

Jessica’s nails

“Jessica came to my show at the Voodoo Lounge in OKC. She says she’s seen me live in Oklahoma before. She says she’s a fan a she bought some items from my table. She showed me her nails I got excited! She told me she got them done for my show. I was honored. It’s the little things man. Haha. I hope this becomes a trend amongst my female fans, I cannot deny.”

Ryan and John

Ryan and John

“There’s actually 3 of these tattoos but the other homie wasn’t in this pic. These are some of my coolest fans . They come from Springfield Mo. They got my logo all at the same time on the homies’ birthday. I was so super honored. They have such a good time when I come out there for shows. They feel my music for real. I see them singing all the words to my shit and it charges me up when I’m on stage. I love those guys.”

Pickett sign autographed by fans

Pickett sign autographed by fans

“When I performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos last year, all odds were stacked against me. I had to perform my solo set at 230 am after ICP had murdered the main stage. I was worried that no one would come. I actually had a kick ass turn out! People came to see me and we partied hard for 30 minutes. I sold a lot of MERCH from my table, and I just felt the family vibe and it sucked that it was the last night and we had to leave. The fans showed me so much love, we didn’t want it to end. I reversed the roles and decided to have everyone who came to see me autograph my Pickett sign that I carry for promotion. It’s my little momento. It’s hanging on the wall at Hards’ studio. Always will remind me of the night I found my home.”

follow @spaideripper on Instagram for all Spaide Ripper pictures. Feel free to send us your pictures with Spaide.


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  1. I love u spaide. I listened to your songs thru the entire tattoo. Lol. U are amazing and I love the fact u love my tattoo as much as I do

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