Mad Marlon & Spaide Ripper record “Zombiiez on Marz” mixtape while Protesting in Ferguson

Mad Marlon & Spaide Ripper

Mad Marlon & Spaide Ripper

Spaide Ripper and Mad Marlon made a name for themselves individually, but fate brought them together in August 2014 to create a collective effort. Dubbing the project “Zombiiez on Marz” seemed fitting, something you would stronger understand if you’ve seen either of these artists live before individually, or follow their work. St. Louis was in a political and emotional uproar due to the wrongful death of Mike Brown, and racial tensions were at an all time high. Riots emerged and the worlds’ eye moved in to St. Louis Missouri ; Ferguson to be exact.

With protests and riots in full swing, during the day and in between rest and protests, Spaide & Marlon recorded. Although they had plans of working together, the feeling of patriotic rage is laced between punch liners and parables subconsciously throughout “Zombiiez on Marz”, something that fans didn’t see coming. The project is an eclectic collection of hip hop, with genre jumping that makes it hard to put a finger on. Production was mostly commandeered by Mad Marlon, who shows you his hip hop roots in tracks on the disc like “Build” and other gems.

Spaide:   “We was sitting in Hard studio getting lifted just watching the news and talking. It was crazy in Ferguson, life  was changing for a black man right in front of our eyes. We sat there until we couldn’t take it anymore and the we got out there and protested man. We had to. You can’t just watch history happen, well we couldn’t. It was time for us to stand up for the unfair way police treat us. It reflected in the music. It’s rebel music. It’s melancholy. It’s war music. It’s think music. It’s look in the mirror music. But most of all, it’s un cut fuckin hip hop man.”

Zombiiez on Marz

Zombiiez on Marz

The project is available now here on the front page, as well is for sale on the MERCH table at every show of both Spaide Ripper and Mad Marlon. With a limited amount of copies printed, this project won’t be available for long,and depending on the performance of the rare project will determine the date of reprint, purposely making a physical copy more rare, so obtain your copy soon. Check out the visual for “Microphone Weapon” here, as well as ” Run but U can’t Hide.” Should they do a part 2? Follow @madmarlon and @spaideripper on twitter for updates..


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