Spaide Ripper reflects on Headlining his first Tour PT 1.



Last Feb to mid March of this year, Spaide Ripper was in full fledged Zombiie mode for a 2 week run of shows on the road across America. While Spaide is definitely no stranger to “outer lane” as Stevie Stone would call it, Spaide had yet to feel the benefits of being the name at the top of the bill on a tour. With much assistance from Slaughtercore Entertainment, Spaide booked the tour run and set out to conquer the road, even after co headliner Bloodshot of Alias Grim respectfully bowed out. Spaide completed the tour successfully, bringing home lots of new fans and experience. We got him to share a little about what it was like on the road.

Spaide : “It was beautiful man. Watching the earth change textures and colors right before your eyes. Doing what I love night after night . It feels right. It’s wasn’t all peaches and cream, I cannot deny. When you’re the captain of the boat , you have to pilot the ship. I couldn’t over sleep or have too much fun after the show because I had the responsibility of making sure everyone else is up in the morning. It’s not just one long party like people think it is. You really have to get some rest! Hangovers on tour just don’t work. I performed anywhere they would book me, I did a couple VFW halls, a few bar and grills, and a couple super cool ass venues like the Voodoo Lounge in OKC and the Rail Club in Ft Worth TX. I don’t care though man I never been to 98% of the places on this tour before,and the places I had been , I never headlined. Even in Farmington NM I performed inside the promoters house because it was an outside venue and it got rained out, but we had too many people ready to party with us in a place I had never been before. We set up and made it happen! They were grateful that we were cool about it. It actually was a fun night. I made a lot of new fans on tour, I don’t think they know how much they mean to me. I sit back and think about everything they say to me. We literally drove through a snow storm on a mountain to get to New Mexico. We couldn’t see in front of us, it wasn’t fun! But it was totally worth it.”

Part 2 coming soon..


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