Bloodshot of Alias Grim will feature Spaide Ripper on his return to Horrorcore

Spaide ripper and bloodshot

Spaide Ripper and Bloodshot Brown of Alias Grim

Horrorcore legend and pioneer to the sound Troy “Bloodshot” Brown of Alias Grim is preparing to jump back on the scene, and reclaim the “Horror crunk” sound that’s rightfully his . He was slated to co headline the “Demons vs Zombiies” tour with Spaide Ripper back in March of 2015, but unfortunately had to pull out of the 14 city tour for personal reasons. Being the good person that he is, he encouraged Spaide to do the tour  himself, and assured him he had his blessing. Bloodshot also managed the tour from home, assisting Spaide in a successful run. Bloodshot didn’t feel comfortable leaving the fans disappointed about what was to be his final tour, and decided to record a final album “Beheading the Dragon” to show the fans how much he apreciates the support. When I asked Spaide about the collaboration, he said, “Bloodshot my brother. I am forever grateful for what he did for my career . When I heard he was gonna do another album I was like hell yeah!  We been talking, but we both be so busy. I knew he respected my grind, but I didn’t know how close he was paying attention.Then he hits me up about his solo album feature and I’m like wow. Grateful that he respects my artistry, and my little weird way that I kinda fit into the genre. The beat he sent me is crazy! Some Alias Grim sounding shit haha. It’s crunk as hell. I’m gonna come out swinging the saw on this one! Bloodshot gonna try to fucking chop my head off on the song! I already know it! He’s crazy in a good way.”  Could these two have another tour on the way? For all Bloodshot Brown updates and music follow @AliasGrim on twitter and log on to Follow @spaideripper on twitter for up to the moment updates on Spaide Rippers’ whereabouts


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  1. Cheaaaaaa! Alot more to come

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