Spaide Recaps the night: reuniting w/Team Stone on “Choices” tour with @E40

Team Stone familyWe called Spaide Rippers’ phone numerous times to get the scoop on the show with Stevie Stone in Sauget, IL last night. Spaide was still in a very energetic mood and was delighted to give us a re cap of how the night went. “My nigga Stone came out and got the night popping! He brought everyone to the front of the stage, before he came out it was kind if sparse. He made people fill up the front of the stage! You know St Louis is like home for Stone, so the fans were definitely in the house. Bro came out big, his set for this tour is definitely high impact. It’s not the same selection of songs that he would do when he opens for Tech. I encourage everyone to go check out Stones set on this tour when he come to town. He showing you he got hits! He did some new joints too, off the new album “Malta Bend” and the fans loved it of course. We did our classic collaboration “the Reason” and the crowd went crazy. We wasted no time kicking them to the next jam ” Goin Down” which has always been a crowd favorite. My favorite part of the night was when the crowd finished my line for me ” get the jumper cables”  that always charges me up! Felt good to rock with Team Stone again. This was my first time seeing E 40 live and I was definitely impressed. You can only have the utmost respect for an artist who is still relevant today and can go back and do just as many hits from 20 years ago. His catalogue is epic! E 40 concert is a total sing along. It was very, very dope. I would definitely go see E 40 again if I had the opportunity. It was good to see my Team Stone brothers.” Follow @spaideripper on Istagram to see photos from the event.


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