Spaide films a new video with Yung La (@YungLACDB) directed by B Magic (@dabest_bmagic) for Z3

We continued to take advantage of Spaides’ talkative mood and found out as much as we could about what he has going on. Close followers of Spaide Rippers’ social media definitely noticed Spaide posted pictures roughly 5 weeks ago that had the caption “#videoshoot” with Atlanta rapper Yung La. Spaide dropped a picture back in 2013 of him and Yung La in the studio, so we are definitely wondering what this unusual combination has brewed up for Spaides’ new project “Zombiie 3”. Spaide was very direct about letting us know that his collab with Yung La will be the first song he wants us to hear from his new project. “The joint I got wit “da boi lay” is what I’m coming out with first. Just because ain’t no way you can guess what this record gone sound like. Even if you not a fan of Yung La, you still wanna hear what he sound like on my record, because we come from two different spectrums of hip hop. But that’s what makes this rap shit beautiful! The style contrast is lovely man. It’s all about finding the right pallet and painting that picture man! I be on my mad scientist shit in the studio. We linked up a while back when he was in town with my GSI homies. I keep up with him on social media, so I peeped he had a show coming up in Columbia Mo with some guys that booked me out that way before, so I called them and called Yung La and set the video up. It’s on some cool shit man. The record is so player, we had to be on some fly shit for the video. I had to throw on a tie! It was just appropriate . It’s still some ” Spaide Ripper” shit though. It’s hard to explain without giving away all the good parts, but y’all gonna love it. This one for the mud sippers. I got up with my homie, battle rap legend B Magic ( @dabest_bmagic) and got the visual together. He’s a good director. There’s a snippet of the video that B Magic made floating around on Facebook. Y’all gotta peep it.” Add  “Dabest Bmagic”, and like the band page ” Spaide RIPPER” On Facebook to see the snippet. When I asked Spaide when we can expect the full video, he simply said ” any day now.” Follow @spaideripper on Instagram to see the behind the scenes pictures.Spaide ripper Yung La


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