Spaide talks about his collab with Kutt Calhoun for ” Kuttin Loose”

While Spaide had some free time,we took advantage and caught up with him to find out what we could about his recent collaboration with Kutt Calhoun. Luckily we caught him while he was in a good mood and he decided to give us a few details. When I first brought up. Kutt, Spaide immediately said, ” yeah that’s the big homie.” I asked him to tell us how he met Kutt, he told me stories of watching him on stage with Tech N9ne, and opening up for Kutt on tour in the more recent years. ” Kutt showed me love from the first time I met him. Stone introduced me as family, so we been rocking ever since. I will never forget the night we performed in Minnesota, after the show Kutty, B G Bulletwound and I stayed up all night in the van just free styling like hell! I swear we could’ve recorded a mixtape that night! Hahaha niggas was drunk and on fire! We was just feeling each other out as musicians at the same time, I wanted him to know I was nice wit it! Haha  yeah, that was a good night.”  Spaide went on to tour with Kutt Calhoun has an opening act. ” Kutt immediately took us under the wing on tour, giving us advice on the game, even looking out for us here and there on small things. The tips he can give you on stage performance are priceless. Back in October I did the Hallowstrange tour with Kutt, Prozak and Caskey. We were having drinks at the bar in the hotel lobby when Kutt played an instrumental for me on his cellphone. He asked me could I come up with a hook and I said hell yeah! I literally wrote it right there at the bar. He was feeling that shit! Didnt take me long at all. A couple months later, he had me come out to KC to record! I was amped! It came out perfect dude. It’s a party record , a feel good song, something kinda pimpish. That’s all I can tell y’all. Haha. ” Be on the lookout  for Kutt Kalhouns’ ” Kuttin Loose” and let us know what u think about the song featuring Spaide Ripper



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